FF5バトル全曲のベースtab譜を作った / Final Fantasy 5 All battle BGM bass tabs



Finally I made FF5 battle BGM bass tabs following FF4 & 6, including one of the most famous BGMs of FF “Crash on the Big Bridge”.
It was the hardest work to listen to bass part because there are more lower notes and more discordance phrases than FF4 & 6.
And the difficulty for playing on the bass is also highest. There are several phrases those are not to be supposed to play by human beings. But John Patitucci or Victor Wooten may be able to play them easily…

バトル1 / Battle 1

難易度 / Difficulty:★★☆☆☆

Bass Tab of Final Fantasy 5 battle 1

The usage of passing notes (don’t appear in FF4) are beautiful. This is the only BGM that you can play on 4-string basses in FF5 battle BGMs.

2023年9月29日: ver2更新

バトル2 / Battle 2

難易度 / Difficulty:★★★☆☆

This song was the hardest to transcribe because attack sounds of timpani turn on bass sounds… Please forgive me but I don’t have confidence so much for last four bars.

更新: 2023年10月1日 コード追加

ビッグブリッヂの死闘 / Battle at the Big Bridge

難易度 / Difficulty:★★★☆☆

The difficulty for playing isn’t high (besides intro) for flashy phrases. This is the representative song of FF history but personally I don’t like so much, because the story around the Big Bridge wasn’t impressive for me.

更新: 2023年10月1日 コードを追加

決戦 / The Decisive Battle

難易度 / Difficulty:★★★★☆
I select this BGM if I am asked to choose 5 best bass sound VGMs, even though half of this have no the bass part. I think the bass phrase from bar 51 effectively expresses the undulation of this song.

最後の闘い / The Final Battle

難易度 / Difficulty:★★★★★
This excellent BGM that is worthy of climax seems not to be famous because the presence of the previous song “The Decisive Battle” is too strong. But I love this. Arpeggio phrase from bar 33 are tremendously tough for playing and need strong muscle of the left finger. Then I evaluated the difficulty as max.
Sound of this phrase changes slightly every bar, is making it difficult to distinguish. I saw several YouTube videos of playing with the bass and found that almost all people seem to take mistakes. I am confident in this accuracy lol.